8 Most Popular House Siding Colors Of 2024

Posted on March 26, 2024

House Siding Colors

Choosing the ideal siding color is an important choice that will have a big impact on both the curb appeal and the overall value of your home. In order to highlight the unique style and improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes, new homeowners are embracing a broad spectrum of colors. In this blog post, let’s explore the top eight famous house siding colors for 2024 that are redefining the field of exterior design.

What Are The Popular Siding Colors For Houses?

1. Arctic White

Arctic white siding color

Arctic White, with its classic and uncluttered look that can revitalize any house, is a representation of modernity. This adaptable color acts as a blank canvas, enabling a modern interpretation in a variety of architectural forms. If you want to make a big impression, try matching Arctic White with sleek black or deep navy accents to create a dramatic contrast that brings the exterior of your house up to date.

2. Autumn Red

Autumn red siding color

The second color option, a sense of coziness and charm, is created by Autumn Red, bringing back memories of classic barns and scenic countryside. These rich colors are a popular option for people who want a dramatic yet comfortable atmosphere because it not only gives your home personality, but also depth. By pairing Autumn Red with earth tones like Olive Green or Sandy Beige, you can work to create a well-balanced exterior palette. As guests approach your home, this combination of bold and comfortable elements creates a cozy atmosphere that makes them feel at ease.

3. Desert Tan

Desert tan siding color

Warm undertones make Desert Tan an excellent choice for furnishing your home with a welcoming ambiance. The classic and sophisticated exterior color scheme is a popular choice among homeowners due to its timeless appeal. You can also combine Desert Tan with gray or blue tones to bring out its organic charm. This combination gives your external design a polished and well-balanced appearance while promoting it with an accent of elegance.

4. Coastal Blue

Coastal blue siding color

The exterior of your home will look calm but rich thanks to the way that Coastal Blue combines comfort and a dash of boldness. With its adaptability, it can be used to create a sophisticated look that creates the feeling of coastal living when paired with white trim and accents. To create a visually appealing facade that adds a touch of coastal charm and distinguishes your property, think about using Coastal Blue to highlight the architectural features of your home.

5. Forest Green

Rich and organic in style, Forest Green blends in perfectly with wooded areas and rural landscapes. Its rich green color gives the outside of your house more depth and character while encouraging peace of mind and a sense of being in harmony with the natural world. Combine Forest Green with earth tones like tan or brown to create a polished look. This combination creates a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere by enhancing the beauty of your surroundings and giving your home some character.

6. Sable Brown

Sable brown siding color

The dark hues of Sable Brown create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect choice for homes located in areas where earth tones are most common. This warm and inviting color elevates any architectural style by adding richness and depth, giving your home a cozier appearance overall. Bringing together Sable Brown with touches of rust or gold-colored accents will make it more appealing. Combining these elements gives your external design a luxurious touch, resulting in a welcoming exterior that combines comfort with sophistication.

7. Olive

The exterior of your home will look richer and more complex with Olive’s stylish blend of grayish-green tones. Homeowners who want a sophisticated yet subtle look often choose this color because it easily goes with different architectural styles and geographical areas. Add touches of charcoal or cream colors to give traditional exterior colors a modern spin. With stylish appeal, this combination produces a classic and refined look that outlasts other trends.

8. Smoky Red

Smoky Red adds drama to any home’s exterior with its rich red tones. It’s a bold statement that contrasts beautifully with clean white trim, giving your home timeless elegance and modern flair that creates a distinctive appearance. Should you want to add depth and visual interest to the front of your house, think about using Smoky Red as an accent color on doors or trim. This improves curb appeal while making a lasting impression.

How Do You Choose The Right Siding Color For Your House?

To pick the right siding color for your house, think about these things:

  1. Home Style and Design: Different home styles need different colors. For example, Victorian houses look good with bright colors, while Craftsman homes go well with earth tones like green or brown.
  2. Ensure It Goes With Your Roof Color: Make sure your siding color matches your roof. If your roof is dark, white or light siding works well. If your roof is brown, then gray or steel siding will look nice.
  3. Assess Your Gutters or Trims: Look at the colors of your gutters or trims. Choose a siding color that matches or complements your gutters.
  4. Assess The Size of Your House: Dark colors can be too much for big houses, and light colors might not stand out enough on small houses.
  5. Consider Your Neighborhood: See what colors other homes in your neighborhood are. Some places have rules about house colors, so check before you choose.
  6. Highlight Features: Choose a siding color that makes certain parts of your house stand out. For example, use a dark color to make white parts pop, or pick a color that goes well with stone accents.
  7. Pair Colors Together: Pick three colors that look good together. Neutrals like taupe, beige, and brown always work well. Make your siding the main color, and use the other colors for accents like trim.

Still Confused? Talk To Our Experts In Greater Baton Rouge

After looking at the top house siding colors for 2024, it’s evident that homeowners have a lot of choices for improving the outside of their properties. Choosing siding colors that reflect personal style, complement architectural design, and improve curb appeal is crucial, whether you go for earthy greens, bold blacks, or warm neutrals. Homeowners can design a warm and eye-catching facade that really stands out in the neighborhood by keeping up with the latest trends and taking individual preferences into account.

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