11 Gutter Colors We Are In Love With In 2024

Posted on June 4, 2024

Gutter Colors

Though gutters might appear to be a purely functional part of a home’s exterior, the color of them can significantly improve the overall appeal. Similar to how a room’s appearance can be changed by choosing the perfect paint color, your home’s gutter color can contrast or complement the roof, siding, and other external features to create a unified and eye-catching design. 

Let’s take a look at 11 gutter colors that we adore, ranging from traditional neutrals to striking bold shades.

Classic Gutter Colors

#1. White

Classic white gutter

As a classic option for gutters, white gutters provide a crisp, clean look that complements a range of architectural designs and colors. It delivers a unified look that improves the exterior overall and is especially well-suited for homes with neutral-toned siding, such as beige, gray, or white. 

White gutters highlight architectural lines and edges and provide a striking contrast to the primary color of the roof, further enhancing the exterior’s aesthetic value. They can also be made to blend in with different-colored trim, making them a durable and adaptable choice for homeowners who want to give their homes a more finished appearance.

#2. Black

Classic black gutter

For those who prefer a sleek, modern look, black gutters are a great option. They enhance the exterior of a home, particularly when combined with modern architectural designs or vivid accents. When paired with lighter siding colors, black gutters stand out dramatically. Compared to lighter colors, they are more practical because they are able to effectively conceal dirt, grime, and leaf stains, requiring less cleaning.

#3. Brown

Classic brown gutter

Brown gutters go well with different siding colors like beige, tan, and natural tones, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. They blend in perfectly with wood, stone, or brick accents, complementing earth-toned siding or trim well, further adding a rustic or craftsman-style charm. 

Compared to lighter shades, they require less maintenance because they can hide dirt, as well. This color also gives the roofline visual depth and blends in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, making them the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a classic look inspired by nature.

Bold Gutter Colors 

#4. Red

Bold red gutter

Any home is made more welcoming and endearing with rustic red gutters. This bold hue beautifully complements earth tones and natural materials, making it perfect for rustic or country-style architecture. 

With their striking appearance and vibrant color, deep red gutters add a bold statement to the outside of your house. Long-lasting and resistant to rust, they keep their deep color. They offer your property a hint of traditional Americana style while blending in perfectly with the surrounding landscapes.

#5. Blue

Bold blue gutter

Although they are not a common gutter color, blue gutters give your house a beachy feel and go well with white or gray exteriors that are similar to beachside cottages. With their striking, deep blue color, these sturdy gutters radiate coolness and tranquility. 

They provide a clean contrast to neutrals like beige or gray, going well with siding colors that range from soft sky blue to deep navy. Match them with other blue accents for a distinctive take on gutter colors that aren’t too traditional. 

#6. Green

Green gutters provide a nature-inspired look to a home’s exterior, seamlessly blending with landscaping and foliage for a cohesive appearance.

Forest green options suit traditional or Craftsman-style homes, fostering a timeless appeal. Whether rich forest green or a softer sage shade, green gutters create a seamless connection with nature, complementing diverse exterior color palettes.

Metallic Gutter Colors

#7. Copper

Copper gutter

Copper gutters give any home’s exterior a cozy, rustic charm. They also age beautifully over time, taking on a distinct patina. Their adaptability goes well with a range of siding colors, complementing both traditional and contemporary styles with their unique appearance and gradual transition to a deeper, burnished tone. 

They complement wood, stone, or brick accents and require little maintenance while still looking luxurious. Copper gutters are a strong, low-maintenance investment that improves curb appeal and gives character to homes seeking sophistication and timeless elegance.

#8. Bronze

Bronze gutter

With their warm, golden color that adds depth and dimension, bronze gutters add a lavish touch to any exterior. Bronze gutters develop a soft patina over time, adding to their charm and character. They are low-maintenance and resistant to fading and weathering, making them a great match for warm-toned siding and natural materials like stone or wood. Their classic elegance raises the property’s curb appeal without effort, harmoniously combining with natural design elements further providing your home with a Mediterranean look.

#9. Aluminum

Aluminum gutter

A sleek, contemporary appearance that goes well with a variety of architectural styles can be achieved through aluminum gutters. Aluminum gutters are rust, corrosion, and fade-resistant, and require little upkeep. 

Their non-porous, smooth surface makes cleaning them simple and helps them look brand new for years to come. Aluminum is strong and lightweight, and it does not sag or dent in harsh weather, making it a practical and affordable way to improve curb appeal for homes looking for long-lasting performance and modern style.

Creative Gutter Colors

#10. Gray

Gray gutter

A harmonious and well-coordinated exterior can be achieved with the subtle appearance that gray gutters offer. This color is neutral and goes well with many different roofing styles and colors. It’s also a trustworthy and safe option since they are easy to clean and fade-resistant. 

Any home can look more sophisticated with the sleek, contemporary alternative to traditional colors that charcoal gray provides. Gray gutters are low maintenance because they effectively hide dirt and grime, making them a classic, versatile gutter color option.

#11. Terracotta

Terracotta gutter

To add in the warmth of Mediterranean-inspired charm, you can utilize terracotta gutters. This reddish-orange color is earthy and elegant, going well with terracotta accents like stucco or tile roofs. You can get a unified and genuine look with terracotta gutters used in conjunction with Spanish, Italian, or Southwestern architectural styles. 

In perfect harmony with the surrounding landscapes, the rich, clay-like color acquires a lovely patina over time. They tie together different design elements and provide a unique, warm alternative to gutter colors that are more commonly used.

How To Choose The Right Gutter Color For Your Home

Choosing the right gutter color for your home involves several key considerations. Here are some points to help you decide:

Home Style and Architecture

  • Traditional Homes: Opt for neutral colors like white, or gray.
  • Modern Homes: Use bold, contrasting colors like black, red, or blue.

Match or Complement Siding and Trim

  • Matching Siding: For a seamless look, match the gutter color to your home’s siding color.
  • Matching Trim: Alternatively, match the gutter color to your home’s trim for harmony.

Coordinate with Your Roof

  • Matching Roof: Create a cohesive look by matching the gutter color to the color of your roof.
  • Contrasting Roof: Add visual interest by choosing a contrasting gutter color.

Climate and Maintenance

  • Maintenance: Consider how different colors affect cleaning frequency. In areas with heavy dirt or debris, select a color that hides stains well.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right gutter color can really change how your home looks on the outside. With the 11 colors mentioned above, we hope you’re able to find the right gutter color to make your home stand out.

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