6 Common EPDM Roof Repairs & Their Cost

Posted on March 27, 2024

6 Common EPDM Roof Repairs & Their Cost

In the roofing industry, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roofs are becoming more and more well-liked because of their affordability, flexibility, and longevity. These rubber membrane roofs are renowned for their resilience to inclement weather and for offering both commercial and residential buildings long-lasting protection. To ensure they keep performing at their best, EPDM roofs need to be maintained on a regular basis and occasionally repaired, just like any other roofing system. 

That is why, in this blog post, we will discuss the six typical EPDM roof repairs and their cost to give homeowners and property managers important insights about how to maintain their EPDM roofs.

*Please note that price ranges listed in this article may not reflect the final cost of your project. Prices are subject to change based on various factors such as local labor rates, material quality, and more. All costs established in this article are rough estimates based on average industry rates.

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Common EPDM Roof Repairs And Their Costs 

Below we’ve outlined the cost of repairs you may have to pay for an EPDM roof based on the damage it’s sustained. 

Repair 1: Improper Installation

One of the main reasons why an EPDM flat roof may need repair is due to improper installation. Using substrates that are incompatible, applying the membrane to a wet surface, applying the membrane incorrectly to corners and penetrations, and failing to sufficiently clean, dry, and prepare the roof surface are all common installation errors that can leave your roofing system with issues.


A reputable roofing contractor is essential to preventing EPDM roof leaks caused by improper installation. The right adhesion, appropriate surface preparation, and the use of compatible materials are crucial. Any installation mistakes can be successfully fixed by consulting with a qualified roofer for assessment and repair options.


Typically around $500 to $1,500 or more, depending on the complexity of the repair needed.

Repair 2: Ponding Water

Ponding Water

Ponding water, or the buildup of water on the roof rather than its proper drainage, can eventually cause leaks and deterioration of the roof’s structure. Over time, small leaks in EPDM roofs can also occur as a result of aging, weathering, or punctures from falling debris. Even though these leaks might seem little at first, if they are not fixed, they can cause more serious structural problems and water damage. 


For EPDM roofs to retain their integrity, ponding water must be addressed. The two most important ways to stop water pooling are to improve drainage systems and adjust the roof’s slope. A roof with the proper slope makes it easier for water to drain off, which lowers the chance of membrane damage. Similarly, upgrading downspouts and installing gutters improves water flow off the roof’s surface, and other related problems. The slope can be easily adjusted by using tapered roof insulation, but this process should still be carried out by a professional since the old roofing material will have to be removed and reinstalled.  


Typically around $600 to $200, but can be higher depending on the extent of your needs. 

Repair 3: Fixing Tears and Punctures

If left unattended, EPDM roof punctures or tears caused by foot traffic or falling debris can compromise the roof’s integrity and result in leaks. If these tears and punctures are not repaired right away, they may weaken the roofing membrane and allow water to seep in. Fortunately, with the correct equipment and supplies, patching tears and punctures along an EPDM roof is a doable task.


Repairing punctures along EPDM roofs requires roof repair patches, which typically come in kits you can buy. Typically, the process involves cleaning the area, removing debris, and cutting a patch from EPDM membrane material. The patch is then overlapped over the damaged puncture or tear and secured in place with adhesive.  


Typically $200 to $600, depending on the size and number of damaged areas.

Repair 4: Shrinkage

EPDM roofs frequently experience shrinkage, which is mostly brought on by aging, poor maintenance techniques, and extended exposure to direct sunlight. When the membrane shrinks, it tends to dislodge pieces of flashing. Water infiltration is then made easier by the gaps that are created along the roofing membrane. 


To address EPDM roof shrinkage, proactive steps like reflashing and resealing affected areas are necessary. To effectively address areas affected by shrinkage, reflashing involves replacing outdated flashing with new material that is firmly bonded to the membrane. Re-sealing, on the other hand, involves removing the outdated sealant and applying a fresh one that works with the EPDM membrane. 


Typically around $400 to $1,000.

Repair 5: Sealant, Flashing and Edges

Any roofing system, even EPDM roofs, must have flashing and edges to reduce the possibility of water seeping into the roofing structure at weak spots like transitions, edges, and roof penetrations. Exposure to different elements over time can cause flashing and edges to deteriorate, potentially resulting in water leakage and structural damage.


Before sealing flashing and edges on an EPDM roof, make sure the area is completely clean to get rid of any dirt, debris, or previous sealant. Next, generously apply a bead of sealant that is compatible with the EPDM membrane along the flashing’s edge or around the roof’s perimeter. Make sure the sealant is applied evenly by using a caulking gun, being careful to fill in any gaps or cracks. Before checking the repair for leaks, let the sealant cure in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Typically around $300 to $700.

Repair 6: Blistering and Bubbling

Blistering and Bubbling

Blistering and bubbling often afflict EPDM roofs, particularly in hot climates or poorly ventilated areas. These issues stem from trapped moisture or improper installation but are typically only cosmetic issues unless the protective coating of the membrane has peeled away too. If that’s the case it’s crucial to address blistering and bubbling as early as possible to prevent escalating damage and prolong the roof’s lifespan.


The process involves delicately cutting away the affected membrane using a utility knife or scissors, ensuring the removal of any trapped moisture or debris beneath. Then a patch of EPDM membrane material with the correct adhesive should be applied, ensuring secure bonding to the roof surface. Press the patch firmly, smoothing out wrinkles or air bubbles for a seamless repair. Allow the adhesive to thoroughly dry before inspecting the repair for any signs of recurrence.


Typically about $250 to $600.

Looking For The Best EPDM Roof Repair Services?

In conclusion, maintaining an EPDM roof requires regular inspections and timely repairs to ensure its long-term performance and durability. By addressing common issues such as leaks, tears, sealant failure, and blistering, homeowners and property managers can protect their investments and avoid unnecessary repairs or premature roof replacement. 

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