9 Highly Recommended Roofing Companies In Prairieville, LA

Posted on October 18, 2023

roofing companies in Prairieville

For the diverse weather patterns of Prairieville, you need a roofing company with highly skilled and experienced professionals. Their team should be well-versed with the local weather conditions, the best roofing practices, and the building codes of the area. 

To help you choose a reliable roofing company in Prairieville, LA, our experts have analyzed and chosen the best-performing companies serving in the area. We have carefully evaluated their workmanship, certifications, professionalism, and collective expertise.

Let’s discover the best professionals for you!

Most Preferred Roofing Contractors In Prairieville

The companies we’ve mentioned are not ranked in any order, as each one of them showcases expertise in a particular roofing work and holds unique achievements. The information we’ve provided about their achievements and services is also owned by the respective companies.

#1 Empire Roofing & Exteriors

Empire Roofing & Exteriors is more than just a roofing service provider; they are one of the best roofing companies in Prairieville, LA. Their talented and responsible experts are known for delivering peace of mind and assurance. With a remarkable 10-year workmanship warranty, they not only install roofs, but build a cost-effective shield for homes and commercial buildings.

Numerous homeowners and building managers vouch for them to provide service to the rest of the surrounding area in Southeastern Louisiana. With over 90 glowing 5-star reviews, you can trust that their team is always there in times of need. Empire Roofing & Exteriors guarantees your home’s protection by being the certified contractor for trusted names like GAF and CertainTeed. If you are looking for reliable, high-quality, and durable roofing services in Prairieville, LA, Empire Roofing & Exteriors qualifies as the perfect partner!

Roofing companies in prairieville
Roofing companies in prairieville

#2 Garcia Roofing

As one of the largest roofing contractors in Prairieville, LA, Garcia Roofing offers an array of high-quality services, from roof replacements and shingle installations to energy-efficient metal roofs. They are efficient at understanding the unique requirements of property owners and delivering promising results. They ensure durability and peace of mind by offering 50-year warranties, flexible financing, and free inspections. Customers recommend Garcia Roofing for their error-free service, smooth communication, and professionalism.

#3 Top Team Roofing and Construction

Top Team Roofing and Construction, based in Prairieville, has earned a reputation as a reliable roofing partner for homes and businesses. Their track record boasts warranty-backed services, top-quality materials, and advanced techniques. They offer an array of roofing solutions, including specialty installations like slate, tile, and shake roofing. People appreciate their seamless processes and clear communication, which makes projects smooth and efficient. Customers also praise them for maximizing usable space with their flat roofing systems, which helps enhance their property’s value and energy efficiency.

#4 Pinnacle Exteriors Roofing

Pinnacle Exteriors Roofing is among the top-rated roofing companies in Prairieville, LA. They excel at roof maintenance, repair, and replacement services, focusing on fortifying homes while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. By utilizing world-class materials and a skilled team, Pinnacle Exteriors Roofing stands out for replacing storm-damaged roofs, revamping properties, and increasing their value. Customers admire their detailed and honest estimates, which are essential for planning and budgeting accurately. People also recommend this roofing company for its prompt, educative roof repair services.

#5 A&M Roofing & Construction Company

A&M Roofing & Construction has been known for nearly two decades as an outstanding roofing contractors in Prairieville and Southeastern Louisiana. Their expertise spans roof repairs, installations, and construction, prioritizing 100% customer satisfaction. A&M Roofing & Construction stands out as an insurance restoration company with the work they do to simplify insurance claims and maximize coverage for homeowners for storm damage. The company is also highly praised for its prompt response, regular assistance, and dedication to community service.

#6 Rock Construction

With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of construction, Rock Construction is also among the most reliable roofing companies in Prairieville, and the nearby area. Their team’s extensive knowledge and experience guarantee that all projects will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Rock Construction’s dedicated team is available at every step of the project, offering guidance to help property owners effectively manage costs, maintain high-quality standards, and stay on schedule. Their collaborations and work ethic make them an ideal choice for various roofing and home enhancement projects.

#7 Gunn Home Improvement & Roofing

Gunn Home Improvement & Roofing is among the most trusted roofers in Prairieville, Baton Rouge, and the nearby areas. With extensive experience, they’ve mastered every aspect of roofing, specializing in insurance claims and on-time roof replacements. What sets them apart is their passion for roofs and keen attention to detail, ensuring most projects are completed in just a day without compromising quality. Homeowners praise their team for their exceptional guidance and support throughout the entire process. People recommend Gunn Home Improvement & Roofing for their professionalism, efficiency, and caring approach that transforms home restoration into a delightful experience.

#8 Cypress Roofing

The team at Cypress Roofing excels at installation, repair, and financing. Projects completed by their diligent team have garnered satisfaction from numerous property owners in the area, emphasizing their reliability, punctuality, site cleanup, and proactive assistance with insurance claims. Cypress Roofing takes pride in being a 100% woman-owned and operated enterprise that values faith, family, and integrity above all else, prioritizing client satisfaction and building lasting relationships.

#9 Brothers Construction Company

Brothers Construction Company delivers highly dependable roofing solutions in Prairieville, LA. Established in 1992, the journey of this family-owned company began with roofing, siding, and painting services. Customers appreciate their stability and guaranteed work, promising 100% satisfaction without requiring any upfront payments for most projects. The ethical approach they uphold has earned them prestigious awards, which is a testament to their dedication to raising industry standards.

End Note

While this curated list highlights some of the most reputable roofing companies in Prairieville, LA, it’s crucial for you to exercise careful consideration when selecting one to work on your building. Each of the mentioned companies has earned its place through expertise and positive reviews, but it’s essential to assess your unique needs, budget, and expectations to make an informed decision. Choose a trusted roofing company from this list that aligns with your specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and successful roofing project for your valuable property.