3 Flat Roofing Options For Homes In Baton Rouge, LA

Posted on December 21, 2023

flat roofing baton rouge

Flat roofing is a feasible option for homeowners in Baton Rouge. If you are exploring your options, we’re here with the information you need to select the right flat roofing material for your home.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the top three materials for flat roofing in Baton Rouge, LA. However, before choosing a material, you should understand the necessary factors you need to consider to find the best option.

Choosing The Best Flat Roofing Materials In Baton Rouge, LA

In order to choose the best flat roofing materials for your home and needs, you need to consider the following when making your choice:

Climate of Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge’s climate, characterized by high temperatures, humidity, and potential hurricanes, demands roofing materials that stand up to these challenges. You should prioritize durability in the face of our local weather challenges.

Material Suitability 

Versatility and endurance are also important. The material should adapt to different structures, ensuring it fits the structure’s needs perfectly. If it’s a garage or storage, the roofing materials should be able to handle whatever is kept inside: oils, fumes, or any other substances.

Material Lifespan 

Understanding the lifespan of your roofing material is like predicting the future of the roof and the structure it’s going to cover. A longer material lifespan not only saves you hassle but also keeps your budget intact by reducing maintenance costs.

Availability of Good Manufacturers

Quality matters, especially when it comes to flat roofing in Baton Rouge. The manufacturer should provide high-quality, durable flat roofing materials. They should also provide solid product warranties against production defects or capabilities.

Availability of Certified Contractors for Proper Installation

Proper installation is a must when it’s about getting the best out of your roof. The performance, durability, and maintenance needs of your roof all depend on the quality of installation. Luckily, some excellent flat roofing contractors serve Baton Rouge and the surrounding area of Louisiana. 

Cost of the Roofing Material

You must factor in the upfront costs and long-term expenses of the roofing material. While the initial investment in a new roof might seem expensive, paying less for low-quality materials will not benefit you or your home in the long run.

Best Materials For Flat Roofing In Baton Rouge

After evaluating different flat roofing materials against the above factors, our top three picks include metal roofing panels, PVC membranes, and built-up roofing systems.

#1 Metal Panels

Metal panels

Metal roofing systems emerge as the best choice for Baton Rouge homes. They can withstand local weather events with exceptional durability, without needing considerable maintenance. Plus, these panels don’t just provide a reliable and durable cover, they do it with style and a cost-effective price tag.


Some sturdy metal roofing panels have a remarkable lifespan of at least 50 years, offering a durable shield against fierce weather. This durability means you can count on your roofing system to prevent challenges posed by intense heat and thunderstorms. Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs don’t attract lightning, so they’re just as safe as any other roofing material during harsh weather.

Energy Efficiency

What sets metal panels apart is their ability to reflect UV rays. Moreover, with specially designed metal roof coatings, their reflectivity is enhanced. This is important for keeping your home cooler and more energy-efficient, as it reduces your reliance on your HVAC system. This is what makes metal one of the more appealing options for flat roofing in Baton Rouge.

Resistance to Hurricanes

Baton Rouge is a coastal town, so our community is no stranger to destructive hurricanes. Metal panels readily step up to the challenge of protecting your home and family from intense storms. For added resistance, you may want to explore different panel profiles, thicknesses, and interlocking methods before making a choice. 

#2 uPVC 

A uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) roof is made up of a synthetic polymer known as polyvinyl chloride. The manufacturing process involves combining vinyl resin with stabilizers, pigments, and other substances without mixing plasticizers to create a flexible and durable roofing membrane. These roofing membranes provide relatively enhanced durability, and chemical resistance, and come in multiple color options. 

Color Options

Customization meets practicality with uPVC’s array of color options, including highly reflective white options. This not only adds aesthetic appeal, but also contributes to energy efficiency by offering maximum protection from heat and UV damage.

Suitability for Various Structures

Versatility is uPVC’s middle name. Whether it’s your garage, shed, porch, or patio, uPVC proves to be a flexible choice, adapting seamlessly to different structures. Wherever you need reliable protection, uPVC has you covered.

Chemical Resistance

uPVC roofing membrane is tough on chemicals. It can handle grease, industrial pollutants, and harsh weather better than other flat roofing materials. This resistance makes uPVC a durable choice that stands strong against potential corrosive agents, ensuring your roof lasts longer.


Whether facing weather extremes or daily wear and tear, uPVC provides long-term durability. The average lifespan of uPVC roofing membranes is around 20 to 30 years. This is quite high when compared to other single-ply membranes like TPO and asphalt rolls.

Ensure that you find a good manufacturer and contractor who has experience installing uPVC roofs. There are a lot of local options, but only a few leading manufacturers and flat roofing contractors provide good uPVC flat roofs in Baton Rouge.

#3 Built-Up Roofing Systems

Built-up roofing systems

Built-up roofs take a unique approach to roofing. Their installation features layers of bitumen, reinforcing materials, and a tar and gravel layer on top. This formation creates a solid shield for the structure it covers. This composition provides the roofing material with enhanced strength, ensuring your roof can handle harsh weather conditions better.

Good Waterproofing and Durability

Built-up roofing doesn’t just keep water out—it excels at it. The combination of materials creates a highly waterproof barrier, which makes sure that the inner layers of the roof and the interior of your home remain dry, even during the heaviest downpours. On average, a built-up roof can also last for 20 to 30 years, like uPVC.

Suitability for Areas with Potential Foot Traffic or Mechanical Damage

If you’re someone who needs your roof to be able to handle walking and storing light items, built-up roofing rises to the occasion. It has good potential to handle light foot traffic or mechanical damage. This robust option can handle such pressure, making it a practical choice for various spaces.

Ensure that your built-up roof is installed with care and attention to detail. The professionals you hire should install and seal each layer properly. Otherwise, problems such as leaks and cracks will occur after heavy downpours.

Besides selecting the best flat roofing options in Baton Rouge, it’s also clear how important it is to choose a good manufacturer and contractor for the project. If you are looking for a good flat roofing contractor in Baton Rouge, you can rely on Empire Roofing & Exteriors for expert guidance and services.

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